South Ayrshire Data Recovery

Data Recovery South Ayrshire: Irrespective of its volume size if your hard drive fails and is holding a lot of information that you need in the course of your daily business either as an employee or home computer user, our engineers are on hand to help retrieve that information and return it to you in a usable format so that you can get back into the swing of things as quickly as possible. For more information on our data recovery services and a no hassle, no obligation quote call today on 0141 4040294.

To the casual computer user the data on a hard drive has little value if any. It can be replaced if the hard drive fails and there isn’t much in the way of consequences to face if you simply use your computer to surf the Internet. Our data recovery South Ayrshire engineers know however that if you are a serious computer user – either business or domestic – the failure of a hard drive can have far reaching implications if the data on it cannot be recovered and recovered quickly.

As our data recovery South Ayrshire staff know only too well the use of a computer in the workplace and at home has rocketed over the last decade, especially with faster processors, more available memory, more sophisticated operating systems and importantly larger hard drives that can store even more information; the loss of which can be traumatic enough if you are not a business user but can be seriously costly if you are.

Hard drives, for want of a better analogy, are like vinyl records and if they are damaged by the collision of two components that should never meet then the data on them may be lost to the user especially if they do not have the relevant experience required to recover it. Just like a needle scrapes a vinyl LP too deeply the collision of platters and heads inside a hard drive can render it unusable and render your data inaccessible; this is where the need for experts in data recovery comes in.

It made a scraping noise, the computer froze and now…nothing!

We’ve heard the above so many times and every time we hear it our data recovery South Ayrshire engineers can’t help but sympathise. That sound of metal against metal (at least that’s what it has been described as so many times) is the sound of potential doom if you aren’t able to have a professional data recovery company work on your hard drive.

Whilst some might suggest trying third party recovery software available readily from the Internet or over the counter at your local retailer our data recovery South Ayrshire staff would heartily recommend that you avoid this measure. Third party recovery software promises little in the way of returns and cannot guarantee it will even work in any capacity and even if it does there is little in the way of a percentage level of success. Call us today if you have suffered the loss of your data because of a hard drive that has failed. Our engineers will talk you through the initial assessment process and will explain how our No Fix No Fee policy works as well as provide you with a no obligation quote. (This quote may include an additional charge if the drive has suffered mechanical damage but our engineers will explain this to you if needs be). If you want us to recover the data from your hard drive we need you to send it to our data recovery centre and you can do this by post, courier or in person if you are able to.

Once received our data recovery South Ayrshire staff will make a definitive diagnosis of the problem and report back to you via email with our findings as well as a detailed description of all the data that can be recovered (the data to be recovered is included in our quote unless above 30GBs in size – if larger than 30GBs we ask that you purchase an external storage device from our stocks). If you are happy and wish us to finalise the recovery we ask that you make payment to us using BACS transfer or credit/debit card and once received we will return your data to you on its new medium by next day courier. For more information and a no obligation quote call us today on 0141 4040294; our data recovery centre and telephone lines are open Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm (except Christmas Day and Easter).