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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from USB Sticks. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you securely recover your data.
USB Stick Recovery

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USB Memory Sticks And Common Issues:

Due to their size, the circuitry of a USB is very intricate and fragile, as is the firmware. Its small size affords the USB memory stick a great amount of portability and speed that is useful for both home and business use. However, there are disadvantages to everything; the frequent use of a USB memory stick can lead to the degradation between the stick and the computer’s USB port. Other issues can be brought about by exposure to extreme conditions or even magnetic power. The aforementioned reasons can lead to the loss of the data stored on the device. At Glasgow Data Recovery, we can identify any problems and restore all of the data that may otherwise have been lost to you.

USB Memory Sticks Adaptor or Port Malfunctions:

On a USB memory stick, data and information is stored on an EEPROM chip (Generally known as flash memory). Flash memory has the ability to store a great variety of file formats. However, due to their size and fragility, EEPROM chips are very vulnerable to damage if not taken care of correctly; bonding wires and/or the resin that holds them in place can become damaged and this can result in the USB memory stick becoming unusable and data becoming inaccessible. Our team of experts at Glasgow Data Recovery have access to the latest and most comprehensive technology that will allow us to retrieve any data that has been lost to you if your USB memory stick is beyond repair.

Problems Relating To Corrupt Or Outdated Third Party Firmware:

Much like any other hard drive, USB memory sticks require firmware to help them function correctly. While manufacturing companies try their upmost to use the correct firmware, mistakes can happen and subsequently firmware can be outdated or corrupt due to a change in the hardware. Reinstalling a USB memory stick’s firmware is a difficult process and requires quite a bit of knowledge to correctly perform. If you happen to have a problem relating to firmware, we urge that you contact us at Glasgow Data Recovery instead of attempted to remedy the problem yourself, we can diagnose the issue and can help you reinstall the correct firmware.

USB Memory Stick Accidental Deletion:

One of the most common problems we are presented with when it comes to reconstituting data from USB sticks is that of accidental deletion or formatting. We are none of us infallible and it can be done easily by clicking the wrong mouse button, reading a dialogue box on screen wrongly or simply being in a hurry. One the request to delete or format has been executed the chances of getting your data back through conventional means is slim. We however have over 15 years experience when it comes to retrieving data from wiped USB sticks

Computer Freezes/Reboots/Crashed Upon Connection:

If upon connection, your USB memory stick causes your computer to freeze; this is an indication of a hardware or firmware issue. The fragile internal hardware of your USB stick could have been damaged, or there is a discrepancy between your computer’s operating system and the firmware installed on your USB stick. We do not recommend that you continually try to use the memory stick if the issue continues as this can result in damage to both your USB stick and your computer. Instead, remove the USB stick and do not use it on any other computers; bring the USB stick to us and we can try and diagnose the issue. If the data held on the USB stick is particularly important to you, we can definitely help you recover this data to you without risking your own computer any further.

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