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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from cameras. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you securely recover your data.
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Why A Camera Memory Card Might Malfunction:

Memory cards, which can be found in digital cameras and various other devices often suffer from data loss and/or corruption as the result of a number of commonplace accidents such as the card being dropped, broken, formatted incorrectly or simply from the user accidentally deleting files. Even prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, or a strong heat or magnetic force can result in card failure, leaving your data inaccessible. However, with over 15 years of experience in the field, we at Glasgow Data Recovery can recover lost or corrupted data using our specialist recovery tools and software.

Camera Memory Cards With Read/Write And Physical Issues:

If not correctly taken care of, memory cards can develop read/write issues. In the majority of cases over time, the memory card can become worn down and this damage to the chips can result in the device’s inability to either recognise the card or access the stored data. Here at Glasgow Data Recovery, our experts have access to the latest and most comprehensive chip reading technology available and using this we can recover data that would otherwise be lost to you. We have a high success rate in fixing problems that range from damaged USB port connections to the wearing away of the thin layer of oxide inside your ports. Regardless, we are confident in our ability to recover your lost data.

Camera Memory Card Onboard Electronics Disruption:

Just like a hard drive or USB sticks a memory card can suffer data loss and end up unable to function as a result of a jolt of high voltage as a result of a power surge. As the inside of a memory card is very small and all of its circuitry is the product of printed circuit boards an overload of electricity can cause the onboard hardware to literally fry. The oxide layer that allows for the passing of negatively charged electrons can quite simply melt. As a result, you the user, will be unable to access the memory card regardless of what kind of computer you use.

Electrical Damage To A Camera Memory Cards On-board Circuits:

Like other pieces of hardware, memory cards can suffer damage due to an overload of voltage that is experienced during a power surge. The severity of the voltage can cause the small and intricate circuitry of the device to malfunction or even blow out. Also, as a result of the high temperature of the jolt, the thin layer of oxide that coats the circuit board and allows the negatively charged electrons to pass through will melt and will render the device unusable to any device.

Accidental Deletion Or Formatting of Stored Data:

A common issue among that Glasgow Data Recovery are used to dealing with is the accidental removal or formatting of saved data from their memory card. We are usually requested to recover deleted data which may have been accidentally deleted from the user’s recycle bin. Such files can be retrieved by software and is generally simple and easy to recover. However, if data has been accidentally formatted then it is unsalvageable to most recovery software. Even if the data in question is salvaged, it may very well be unrecognisable or corrupt, leaving the user with the cost of expensive software and near useless data.

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