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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from RAID servers. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you securely recover your data.
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Failings To A RAID Server:

RAID arrays can be used in homes but are most commonly utilised by small businesses or companies to store large amounts of data for many people to use simultaneously, as is common in a business environment. In such an environment, the hard drives are likely to malfunction simply due to overuse. As businesses are becoming increasingly dependent upon RAID servers, it is a common occurrence that we are approached by companies that have lost a large amount of data due to a hard drive failure in a RAID server. With over a decade and a half’s experience, our experts are familiar with many different builds and settings of RAID arrays and the common issues surrounding them that include corrupt data, controller card damage, missing partitions and disk failures after a rebuild.

Effects Of RAID Drive Failure Due To Mechanical Malfunction:

When a RAID drive mechanically fails, it can result in the remaining arrays shouldering the burden by storing the broken RAID drive’s data in remaining drives. While this theory ought to sound perfectly fine and you may wish to just continue business as usual, in the long run it can result in problems leading to a huge loss of data. If one of your RAID drives has failed due to a physical hardware issue, contact us at Glasgow Data Recovery where we can give you advice on how to restore your system and recover your lost data.

RAID Arrays And The Potential Dangers Of Rebuilding Them:

A very common request among our clients (be them individuals or businesses) is to assist in the recovery of a RAID failure after having it rebuilt. If you are experiencing issues, replacing the RAID disk and performing complete rebuild will not solve your issues. Moreover it will lead to even bigger problems in the future, resulting in boot failure or even loss or inaccessibility of data stored previously. Having helped many different companies recover from just such a predicament, we are confident in our ability to assist future clients recover their data and RAID servers from a failed rebuild.

Dangers of Third Party Or Corrupt Firmware In A RAID Server:

In all hard drives can be found firmware, RAID server hard drives are no exception and the firmware within is no less essential. The firmware will instruct the hard drive how to function along with the user’s motherboard. Subsequently, outdated or corrupt firmware can lead to many problems that will result in one or more of your RAID drives ceasing to function and can lead to a loss of data as it may be stored incorrectly or not stored at all. We at Glasgow Data Recovery take pride in our expertise in dealing with corrupted or incorrect firmware installed within RAID setups.

Complete RAID Array Failure Due to Faulty Controller Card and/or Partitions:

You may wish to upgrade you RAID setup as your current one is getting on in years although even after you get an upgrade, a RAID controller card may malfunction at any time. Even if you decide to replace the RAID controller card, this can give way to more problems; the RAID array may not boot in the usual fashion and in some cases it will not boot whatsoever. Other problems such a corrupt partitions or misleading information regarding volume may cause issues to the reading/writing of new data into your array.

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