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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from laptops. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you securely recover your data.
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Why Your Laptop Hard Drive May Become Unresponsive:

Whether it is windows or mac, a laptop can suffer from much the same problems faced by a desktop computer of the same operating system. However, some of the problems may stem from the portability of the laptop as it may be carried around quite a bit and thus will be more likely to suffer wear and tear than a desktop pc that remains in one position. Although moving your laptop around a lot will not always be at the root of the problem, issues can stem from any number of other areas such as faulty hardware, corrupt or incorrect firmware that results in incompatibility between the hard drive and your system, even such common accidents as a spillage of food or drink on the machine. With over a decade’s worth of experience under their belts, our experts at Glasgow Data Recovery have seen many different hard drive failures and can help you identify the issue and even recover any data or information that may have been lost to you otherwise.

A Physical Malfunction As A Result Of Read/Write Errors:

Like any other hard drive, laptop hard drives can fail on a number of different levels. Physical errors can include spindles and platters becoming dislodged or loosening, a head no longer spins or actuator arms jamming or breaking; there are a plethora of possibilities when it comes to physical issues, and that is where we can help. At Glasgow Data Recovery, we can make a full recovery of any data on your faulty laptop hard drive that is inaccessible to you. However, even general usage over time can eventually lead to problems, for example the glass platters that store information on the hard drive may degrade with long term usage which is why it imperative that you contact us so that we can identify the issue, whatever it is, and fully recover all of your lost data quickly and efficiently.

Data Loss and Malfunction Due To Power Surges:

A large surge of power can affect a laptop in much the same way it can affect a desktop pc. In a laptop, if there is a sudden power surge, the intricate circuitry of the motherboard could burn and subsequently become useless to you. However, a mistake of judgement can also be the cause of electrical failure; should you accidentally use a power supply that prescribes either too much or not enough power to the laptop, this can result in damage to your hard drive and system as a whole. Also, failure to install surge protection can allow a sudden surge of electricity to seriously damage your system. However, regardless of the cause, we at Glasgow Data Recovery can retrieve any data that may have been lost as a result of electrical failure.

Incorrect Or Corrupt Firmware And How It Can Affect Your Laptop Hard Drive:

Firmware is an essential part of a hard drive, it is an essential piece of factory installed software that instructs your hard drive on how to interact and work with your laptop and also, instructs the hard drive on how to read, write and store data correctly. Subsequently, if your firmware is outdated or corrupt, it can lead to your hard drive being completely useless to your laptop which can, in turn, make your laptop useless to you which can indeed be stressful. However, if your firmware is outdated and you should happen to install new firmware from the seller’s website, this can also lead to issues such as bad disk sectors (which can lead to lost data), or the complete inability of your laptop to boot. If you are having issues with a faulty hard drive due to firmware issues, we can identify the issue and if we cannot solve it, we can certainly retrieve all of your lost data quickly and efficiently.

Instability, Failure Or Unexpected Reboot Due To Bad Sectors:

A laptop hard drive that develops a problem will likely cause the laptop itself to crash or freeze unexpectedly. This is usually down to bad sectors, or in particular the area of the hard drive known as the boot sector (where the operating system is stored). Bad sectors will usually result in the steady degradation of the hard drive itself despite using software to resolve the issue. Using software to relocate data from one area to another of a disk may keep the data safe but it will not stop the spread of the bad sectors.

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