Renfrew Data Recovery

Data Recovery Renfrew: Using our specialist knowledge of hard drives, external hard disk drives, RAID arrays, mass storage devices, network assisted storage (NAS) and a variety of other storage devices including those that are USB-connected; our engineers are the premier data recovery personnel in and around Renfrew. We have helped reunite many customers with their data after all hope of ever seeing it again was lost. For more information and a no obligation quote call today on 0141 4040294.

When it comes to recovering data from hard drives that have been found to be faulty our data recovery Renfrew engineers are ahead of the game and have provided data recovery assistance to a whole host of clients ranging from home users to large businesses, government bodies and educational institutions. To see for yourself just some of the clients we have helped recover lost data, have a look at our testimonials page as well as the scrolling bar below on this page. Our main aim has and always will be to reunite customers with the data that has proven to be most valuable to them in terms of its worth to them either from a business viewpoint or from a sentimental stand.

Hard drives are often prone to failure if they have been overly used without time to cool down as it were. Our data recovery Renfrew staff know only too well that when it comes to reasons why hard drives fail one of the most common is that they are overworked and are not allowed as much ‘downtime’ as might be appropriate. This can drastically reduce the life expectancy of a hard drive if the computer is left on almost constantly.

When asked we recommend powering down your computer at the end of every shift or sitting (depending on what you do) and allowing the drive to power down correctly by using the correct shut down method as opposed to simply switching the computer off by the power switch. Our hard drive recovery techniques are often called upon because hard drives have been overworked to the point that their components have failed due to an exaggerated rate of general wear and tear.

I left my computer switched on only to return to find it had crashed!

The aforementioned phrase is something that our data recovery Renfrew engineers have heard many times before and doubtlessly will hear again. It can sometimes be cold hard luck that a computer fails when there is no one in front of it to see what is happening or make a note of any error messages that may appear and therefore when a user returns to find the hard drive no longer functioning it can be difficult to understand why.

If you have found that your computer’s hard drive has failed since you last used it then call us on 0141 4040294 and speak to one of our data recovery Renfrew team who will be able to guide you through our initial assessment process. We will give you an explanation as to why the drive has failed and also provide you with a no obligation quote (this may include an additional charge if the drive has suffered mechanical damage). We will also explain how our No Fix No Fee policy works should you need to call upon it (which very few of our clients do we are happy to say). If you wish us to recover the data from your failed drive then we ask that you send it to us here at our data recovery centre. You can do so using the Post Office, courier or drop it by yourself if you are in the locale.

Having received your hard drive our data recovery Renfrew staff will make a final diagnosis of the problem and report back with a detailed list of the data recoverable attached to our email. (If the data we can recover is larger than our standard 30GBs of data allowance we ask that you purchase an external storage device). If you wish us to proceed we ask that you make payment to us via BACS transfer or credit/debit card and we will return your recovered data to you on its new media by next day courier. To find out more contact us today on 0141 4040294 and speak to one of our team – our telephone lines are open Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm as is our data recovery centre.