Airdrie Data Recovery

Data Recovery Airdrie: For all of your data recovery needs in and around the Airdrie area. We specialise in recovering data from internal drives, external hard disk drives, RAID arrays, Network Assisted Storage (NAS), mass storage and USB-connectable devices. Our engineers are on hand Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm on 0141 4040294 to provide you with further information and a no obligation quote.

Since the inception of home computers and computers that were small enough to be used on an office desk, the problem of recovering data from failed hard drives is something that many users have had to contend with. Our data recovery Airdrie engineers have been developing a range of bespoke recovery options that make it possible to recover data from hard drives and other such storage devices that have failed, making it impossible to retrieve your data.

Our data recovery Airdrie technicians know the importance of your data, regardless of who you are and what line of work you are in, and as such we have spent the last 16+ years helping many thousands of clients retrieve their data after it had been otherwise considered no longer accessible.

Indeed our ability to recover data from a variety of storage media and provide our clients with a hard drive recovery service that is second to none is what makes us the premier data recovery company in and around Airdrie. Our varying levels of service make it possible for users of all kinds – business and home – to be reunited with their data at a price they can afford within a timescale that suits their needs.

It’s been suggested we use 3rd Party recovery Software

While our data recovery Airdrie technicians cannot stop you from using third party data recovery software we would recommend against it as this can lead to additional problems occurring. Recovery software purchased from the Internet often does not give any indication as to the level of recovery possible and can often lead to alterations to your hard drive (should it still be writable) that can be unchanged such as reformatting etc.

If you have suffered a loss of data because of a faulty hard drive then you should contact our data recovery Airdrie engineers today on 0141 4040294 and speak to them about how they can help recover your data efficiently and cost effectively. We will offer you an initial diagnosis of the problem along with a no obligation quote (this may include an additional charge if the drive has suffered mechanical damage) as well as explaining how our No Fix No Fee guarantee works. If you are happy with all the information we have provided you with along with the quote and wish for us to recover your data we ask that you send the affected storage device to us at our data recovery centre. As we work from an image of the device we only need the faulty device and not the entire computer system. You can send the storage device to us by post (we would recommend registering or recording the item for your peace of mind as we cannot be held responsible for the loss of such a device in the post), courier or if you are nearby you could deliver it in person.

Once we have received the affected hard drive our data recovery Airdrie engineers will make a definitive diagnosis and report back to you via email with our findings. This email will include a list of all the files and folders that can be recovered (if this data exceeds our normal 30GBs data allowance we will ask that you purchase an external storage device from us). If you are happy that we can recover your data and wish us to continue we ask that you make payment to us via BACS or credit/debit card (we do not accept PayPal). On receipt of payment we will recover your data to its new storage media and return it to you via next day courier. For further information, a no obligation quote, or to book your ailing storage device in for recovery; call us today on 0141 4040294 – our data recovery centre and telephone lines are open Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm.