Samsung M3 Recovery

There are many different makes and models of external hard drive on the market today, among them the Samsung M3 1TB USB drive.

Here at Glasgow Data Recovery we have been asked on a number of occasions to assist with the recovery of data from this particular external hard drive because of the number of issues it has and the problems it presents its users with.

Chiefly among them is the fact that the Samsung M3 seems to disappear from a computer’s device manager for no apparent reason. This seems to be a very common issue with the M3 and many of the users who have approached us for assistance have cited this as being the first indicator that a bigger issue was about to unfold.

This problem not only occurs on Windows-based PCs and laptops but also on Apple Macs as well.

Another commonly reported problem with the Samsung M3 is that it will not respond to disk utilities if it does disappear from your computer. With this in mind if you are in possession of a Samsung M3 and it does fail we here at Glasgow Data Recovery can help you recover your data quickly and efficiently using one of our three service packages.

Depending on how quickly you need to recover your data you can opt for the standard package but if you need to recover important data for a next day meeting we have a critical service you can plump for.

We recommend that if you are using a Samsung M3 1TB USB drive and it shows signs of failing that you contact us here at Glasgow Data Recovery as soon as possible.

We are available Monday-to Friday 9am to 6pm and our engineers with their wealth of knowledge and experience can answer any questions you have, as well as provide you with an initial diagnosis of the problem. They will also be able to provide you with a no obligation quote (additional charges for mechanical damage to the drive may apply).

If when using the Samsung M3 you find that it is making an audible grating sound it may also be an indicator that the internal components of the drive have been damaged. To this end you may find that even if the drive is visible through your device manager and/or ‘My Computer’ that you are still not able to access your data. Problems with broken actuator arms or shafts may occur and you may find that the drive sounds as though it is spinning normally but is actually simply powering up and doing nothing more.

Call us today at Glasgow Data Recovery and ask our engineers about how we can help you recover your important data from a malfunctioning USB drive quickly, successfully and at highly competitive prices.